Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Know Me

Made this one about a couple of my online friends. Thanks goes out to Crap for the green hair. :)

Thanks to Tina for the comment. Love ya's babe. :)


  1. FREAKIN' AWESOME! I love the Green Hair and she is very sexy. I wish I could do that to my Sweet Boy and laugh as he stumbled in with his pants already around his legs, proud and hard just for me. *sigh* Oh well, a gal can dream.

  2. Oh wow, I was pretty spot on when I first saw this cap, I was like that looks like Robin from tf-media, I remember Robin is in to green hair then I actually read it, wasn't completely sure half way and then "bam!" Robin, I was right!!

    Cool cap, I love green hair on girls... agh.. one of my little turn ons!


  3. Yep, that is robin. all girl now. about time too. I know robin from my lurking.

    Cool caption.