Monday, December 12, 2011

My Turn

I do have a dirty mind. :P

This will also be the last caption I post until after the new year. See you all in 2012!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Formspring Questions XVIII

Q & A time again.

Q: Whats giving you inspiration usually? The pics or its just popping to your mind?

A: Most of the inspiration comes from the pics. The little stories and stuff are all inspired by the picture that they caption. It is just me making up something crazy in my mind as to what I see in a picture. I very rarely go into making a caption with a story or idea in mind.

Q: Happy Thanksgiving. If you were female, and seeing as I keep asking you about death metal and desires and fantasies: what would be your ultimate Thanksgiving desire? Open up a bit.

A: Thank you, happy belated Thanksgiving to you too. Honestly I really can't say that I have any Thanksgiving desires, or any that revolve around the day. I'm not really into celebrating holidays other than they give you excused days off school and work. So I guess what I'm saying is that I really don't think too much about holidays, they are just another day to me.

Q: A little while ago, someone had asked how you choose your pictures. I'm curious as to where you find them? Do you just kinda poke around the internet or do you have some specific sites you like to visit? I find the former to be very hit and miss.

A: I have a very long list of bookmarked sites where I start from. I have them organized into different categories, depending what I'm in the mood to look up, but from there I really just jump around a lot. It is a very hit and miss method, but it also keeps me open to finding stuff I might normally have missed if I had just stuck to looking at only a select group of sites. I have found quite a few really good pics on sites that I though consisted of mostly crap. To me finding that one awesome pic is worth sifting through the garbage.

Q: I wish you would do some more hypnosis or shemale related captions. Could you please?

A: As with all requests, we'll see. If the idea comes along sure.

Q: Soo... I had like a really intense wet dream about your stuff... Is that normal?

A: Could be. I mean most of the captions I make are erotic in nature. I think a lot of the stuff that if you don't get aroused by it, either you're missing the point or this stuff just isn't for you. Um, to have a dream, a wet dream even, about something I made, well I'll consider that a compliment. :)

Q: Hey my penis looks like its smaller than usual. Does that mean I'm turning into a chick? Because that would be awesome.

A: Unfortunately I really don't think you're turning into a chick. Sorry though. :(

I get pics from all over the place, like this one. Got it from a good old fashion google search for Mason Moore. This one could easily be used for a situation where I'm once again riding Austin's glorious cock. :P

Monday, December 5, 2011

Gender Outlaw

I wasn't too sure if I should post this or not. I mean it's not really that sexy or anything like that. But I think the reason I'm posting it is because I want to. I think it shows a little deeper how I feel about things.