Saturday, April 30, 2011

Formspring Questions III

Time for some Q & A again.

Could you do more hypnosis captions? and More genie captions please!

I will see what I can do. As I've said before I really don't do requests. I just feel what I write seems more natural, more raw, more from my very deep insides when I just let my mind go and see what comes out as opposed to going into making a caption with a specific outcome or story involved. That's just the way I write and I feel more comfortable that way.

Do you ever fantasize about being taken forcefully as a woman and impregnated?

Forcefully no, but the rest I have indeed fantasized about. Personally I just prefer romance over raw caveman sex.

Who do you admire?

That's a good question. One that has a few answers. Obviously I admire Bianca Beauchamp and Mason Moore because to me they are the epitome of beauty and sexuality in being a woman. I admire Angela Gossow, singer of Arch Enemy, for bringing women to the forefront of death metal. I admire Chuck Schuldiner, Dimebag Darrell, Dez Fafara, Zakk Wylde, Dave Mustaine, Tony Iommi, Robb Flynn, Thomas Gabriel Fischer, and Stevie Ray Vaughan for musical inspiration. And with that I admire Max Cavalera the most for musical inspiration. My favorite quotation/lyric of all time was penned by him, "Live your life and not the way they taught you! Do what you feel!" And then there are numerous transsexuals that I admire as well. Not just the ones in porn, but the everyday people ones. Their stories inspire me, they make me realize time and time again that I am not alone. And of that group I admire most my friend Sedra. She has shared so much with me, taught me a great deal, and has just been a wonderful friend. She truly has become one of those people that is very instrumental in my journey.

Angela Gossow

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Encore

Thanks to sp2000, Sedra, Alectra, Mistress Simone, shiskite, and wannabe cum slut for the comments. :)

(Edit: Fixed all the typos a tired me missed when I put this one together.)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Unbelievable Night

Thanks to Tina, pusywillow, girlypanties, realfield, Mistress Simone, Sedra, Mia, Amy, and Kathryn for the comments. :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Formspring Questions II

More Q & A.

Anonymous asks: Why did you pick the name Isobelle?

Well there is a little bit of a story behind that. Basically when I started this blog I really wanted to pick a name that was unique but at the same time something I could relate to. Before Isobelle I had been calling my female side Nichole or Nikki. But that's all too common to be unique. So I started looking at like baby name sites. I liked the name Elizabeth, but again I thought it was too common. Then I noticed other forms of Elizabeth. Isabelle. I liked it. But I wanted to make it more me. At the time I was a little infatuated with a model by the name of Isobel Marion, so pretty much I took what I found and combined it with her name to get Isobelle. I loved it. (Only later did I find out that this is an actual variation of Isabelle, a rare variation) I added Nichole to it as a sort of middle name because I wanted to keep alive that part of my past. So really I chose the name Isobelle because I wanted to have a unique name and something that I can look at and say, "Yeah, that's totally me." And I do feel that the name fits me. :)

Alectra asks: Do you tend to be more submissive or do you like to stay on the dominant side?

Actually I think I tend to be more submissive. However that's not to say I don't have a dominant side. I would say naturally I am more submissive but I know when to use my dominant side.

Anonymous asks: Have you played Fable 2 and drank the Potion of Transmogrification?

I have played Fable 2 but I have not drank that potion. I beat the game twice, both times with female characters, and honestly who would want to become a boy? lol I am currently playing through the game again as a male character with the sole intent to drink that potion.

Anonymous asks: Would you ever pass on turning yourself female if given the chance to do it only once with like a spell or machine and have someone else like a friend have the full transformation? And if so who would it be?

I'm not sure I entirely understand your question. I can guess that you are asking if I would turn myself into a woman if I could only do so once, like a permanent type thing. If so, yes without a shadow of a doubt! I'm not so sure what you are asking on the second part. I'm confused if you are asking if I would chose to transform a friend as well, have a friend transform me, or something else entirely.

Sorry but my brain just plays dumb sometimes and even if something makes perfect sense I go, "Huh? Can you repeat that without the big words?" Even though there may have been no big words at all... Perhaps I am a closet blonde... O_o

Anonymous asks: Can you feminize me?

Aside from in caption form I'm afraid not.

Keep asking more questions! These were good ones and I'm really enjoying answering them. :)
Isobel Marion (part inspiration, all sexy)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Becumming a Woman

Thanks to Mistress Simone, sp2000, Alectra, Sedra, Fiona, and wannabe cum slut for the comments. :)

Monday, April 18, 2011


Thanks to Nicole, sp2000, Alectra, Mistress Simone, Alexia, Mei, Erica J. Eden, Sedra, Tina, Dee, and realfield for the comments. :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Formspring Questions

I figured I'd make a separate post to answer those questions.

Thank you for the questions so far. The more I get, the more often I'll update with answers. :)

Alectra asks: Hi Isobelle, when did you start to grow an interest for making captions? -and- How do you think your life would have been if you would have been born as Isobelle?

Well I guess my interest in making captions goes back almost 3 years ago, back to 2008. I played around on Photoshop and made a couple that I never posted or showed anybody. They were quite horrible. lol After writing more I noticed I was getting better at telling tg type stories and that is when I decided to start posting my work online. :)

Well I think the most obvious is that if I was born as Isobelle I don't think I'd be here with this blog or my other one. lol I think I would have just been a normal girl, probably married and have had kids by now. lol I prolly would have been much more adventurous in life, my female side just seems to be that way to me. :)

Anonymous asks: Have you ever orgasmed in a female voice?

Yes, on more than one occasion too. :P

Anonymous asks: What are your measurements (bust, hips, waist)? ^^

Unless you're buying me something, not tellin ya. :P

But for the sake of fantasies: 34DD, 26, 34. Same as Mason Moore. :P

Keep asking more questions! These were fun to answer. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Out to Lunch

Thanks to Alectra, Sedra, Alexia, realfield, and Mistress Simone for the comments. :)

I've also added a Formspring thingy on my blog here. Gonna try it out. Go ahead and ask what you'd like and I'll answer as long as I feel it was an appropriate question. I generally do not do caption requests, just a heads up. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Taste of Freedom

For my dear Sedra. :)

Thanks to Mistress Simone, Mei, XF, Alexia, Nicole, Sedra, Tina, and Alectra for the comments. :)

Goodbye to TF-Media. The site will be going offline soon. I am really saddened to hear this news. I loved this site. It offered so much in stories, art, and captions. But more importantly the people I met while being an active part of the site are among the greatest people I've ever met. TF-Media has played a key role in my journey of self discovery and I'll never forget it or the people that I've met there. Farewell TF-Media, you will be greatly missed. :(

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Forget Regrets

Thanks to Sedra, Chaosbeast, sp2000, Alectra, and Kathryn for the comments. :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Subject 91684

For my dear friend Sarah. :)

I tried a different approach on this one. So obvious, duh! lol And yes I've been making Dungeon-esque captions. I will be posting them here and not on Isobelle's Dungeon. I've decided that having two caption blogs is not working for me and I want all my works in one place.

Thanks to sp2000, Alectra, Kathryn, Stevie Stevens, Mistress Simone, Alexia, Dee, Alyssa, Sedra, Sachi, Tina, and Selavy for all the comments! Wow!

I responded to the comments as a comment in that post. I will do that from now on instead of commenting back in future posts as I have done in the past. So if you had a question or something, look for it to get answered there. :)