Monday, April 4, 2011

Subject 91684

For my dear friend Sarah. :)

I tried a different approach on this one. So obvious, duh! lol And yes I've been making Dungeon-esque captions. I will be posting them here and not on Isobelle's Dungeon. I've decided that having two caption blogs is not working for me and I want all my works in one place.

Thanks to sp2000, Alectra, Kathryn, Stevie Stevens, Mistress Simone, Alexia, Dee, Alyssa, Sedra, Sachi, Tina, and Selavy for all the comments! Wow!

I responded to the comments as a comment in that post. I will do that from now on instead of commenting back in future posts as I have done in the past. So if you had a question or something, look for it to get answered there. :)


  1. hey sweetie i loved it, i'm sure Sarah will too, but you knew that lol i got a preveiw :P can't wate for more :)

  2. What a lovely caption! You did a great job with the layout! That company does great work!

  3. This caption is nicely put together. Well done. Wish I had some better photo editing software.

  4. Subject Sarah is very happy with her new life, also subject is waiting for new friends to join her along with his master :3, good joob Isobelle
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  5. If you want to, you should move all your dungeon captions to this site after you are done with your caption posting you had planned. Just a thought.

    Seem the people did a good job on Sarah. The foot notes on 'her' life were fun to read.

  6. SOOO hot this is great thanks for the new captions sweetie!!!