Monday, May 30, 2011

Here to Serve

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Formspring Questions VII

More Q &A.

Mariana asks: Are you into Heavy Metal in general? Do you listen to such bands like Helloween, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden? Or are you more of a Black/Death Metal kind of girl? Thanks!

First of all, Black Sabbath is the greatest band ever. Period. lol But I really don't listen to a lot of what would be called traditional heavy metal, like Maiden, nor do I really listen to much power metal. My favorite genres of metal are thrash and death metal. I love the extremeness of it, the musicianship (especially in death metal), and the overall atmosphere and sound of the two. I would not consider myself a black metal person although I do like the genre. :)

If you given a chance to take female hormones at age 10 or 11, would you have taken them?

If I knew more about what was going on with me and was less confused back then, then I would say absolutely! To avoid puberty as a male would have been nothing short of spectacular. My body would have developed then into a female and I would not have the issues I have now with gender. It is a wonderful thought, but really not something I dwell on much.

I try to keep that part of my thinking in the present and focus on what I can do with what I have now. Thank you for the question though. :)

Where do you find these incredible pics?

I just browse around the web. Various free porn sites and such.

My name is Andrew and femm name Emma, can you please do a cap with black seamed stockings and heels with a tight skirt on?

If I come across a picture like that and get an idea for a caption, I will keep your name in mind. :)

This may not pertain to you but I wanted to know if there are any women out there interested in everything TG (excellent job here BTW :) ) As a man finding such a woman would be most exciting (hopefully erotic) ;)

They are out there. I have chatted with a few over the internet several times.

Thanks for all the questions! :)

The all female Blackened Death Metal band Astarte

Thursday, May 26, 2011

So Nervous

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Monday, May 23, 2011

You'd be the Same

Don't deny it, you would totally be like that given the opportunity. I for sure would :P

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Formspring Questions VI

More Q&A.

I want to be transformed into your pantyhose for a sexual pleasure.

That's an interesting fantasy. If I ever figure out how to do that, I'll come find you. :)

Would like to read about a boy who became a condom and has to be used by his girlfriend to turn back into a man.

That sounds like a fun story, unfortunately I don't know of any that exist like that, but then again I really don't read stories too often.

If you were given the chance to start over your life and be a girl, would you rather keep your consciousness and know that you were once a male who wanted to be a girl or would you rather start all from scratch and not know anything?! Thanks! Mariana.

Very thoughtful question, one that I have asked myself before. I would keep my consciousness and memories. Not because I want to hang on to the maleness that I would have once had, but because I think that way I would take nothing for granted in being a woman now. I would know most everything I want to do and would make sure that I take any opportunities and make opportunities for things I so wish I could have experienced growing up. Thank you for that question. :)

What is your naughtiest fantasy?

Well one of my more naughtier fantasies involves me being a woman in a room full of guys. Everybody's naked and all the guys are there to basically have me suck them off and for them to fuck me. It seems like an endless amount of cocks, each one cumming all over my female body. The fantasy ends with me being covered in the seed of every guy there. My body is covered and full of cum. Yup, that may be the naughtiest, possibly the dirtiest and nastiest as well. lol

When is the Dungeon coming back? :P

Kathryn asks: Where did your Valley Girl side start?

Well like it totally started back when I was a teen. Was it? Yeah... it totally was fer sure. Like at the time I would just like watch movies or like see stuff on TV and junk, and like that is how I saw people talking. Fer sure. But like I was also smart enough to totally know that most of these shows or movies were like set in Cali. I am totally not blonde if that was what you were thinking. So like yeah, that is totally where the influence comes from ya know, valley girls and surfer dudes on the boob tube. But like I started imitating them because I totally thought it was like a fun way to talk. Ya know? Right. So like yeah, that's totally the story behind it. Fer sure. :P

More cock sucking captions please! Please, oh and Isobelle if you ever become a full woman I would love to fuck your brains out! Love you!

Check back on Monday, that caption may be just what you are looking for. ;)

And thanks! I'll consider that a huge compliment. :D

Thank you all again for the great questions. :)

The results of a very messy fantasy. lol

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ohhh Shit!

Well it seems Blogger is back and running normal again. So with that I can properly thank those who commented again. :) Thanks to Chaosbeast, stacey kay, Tina, Alectra, Mistress Simone, Sedra, Betty, Kathryn, realfield, and Tiffany for all the comments on the last like 3 captions! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Maid Andrea

How awesome would it have been to have parents like that? Pretty damn awesome if you ask me. :P

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Formspring Questions V

Q & A time again.

Is there a real spell that will change a man into a woman?

I so wish there was but unfortunately I have found no such thing yet. And you would most definitely know if I found it too. You'd prolly never hear from me again because I'd be too busy living life to the fullest because I would be the most happiest human on Earth!

Marianna asks: What is your favourite position? Yes, in bed! It doesn't matter if it's a fantasy of yours, or if you have actually tried it yet or not. It's a simple question! Answer with details, pleeease! Thanks! :)

I hate to disappoint but I think this answer will be rather boring. I'm pretty basic in that I really just prefer the basic missionary style. I can do either top or bottom but I kinda lean towards the bottom. That's not to say though that is all I like. I'm pretty open to experimentation and exploration. I love trying new things. :)

How were you able to compromise, your headbanging, pit-destroying metal personality with the "Isobelle" side of you? Or have the two never clashed?

There was no compromise and there has never been any clashing. I would not say I have a metal side. No, it's more that a metalhead is who I am down to my very core. The music has had such a profound impact on my life that music to me is so much more than just music, it is a way of life. Metal permeates into everything that I am and everything that I do.

What would be your ideal fantasy outfit?

The outfit Kate Beckinsale wore in the Underworld movies. :)

How often do you have fantasies?

Very often actually. Whenever my mind is not focused on what is going on around me I delve into my fantasy world. I am a day dreamer.

Who influenced you when it comes to making captions? Who are your favorite caption makers?

There were many who influenced me but I would say the two biggest were Ed Miller and Tammi Heartilly. Probably to this day they remain as my two most favorite caption makers.

OTK is over the knee... spanking captions... Is it wrong to want to be spanked when I'm dressed like a girl? Would like to see some captions like that.

I'm not one to judge others' fantasies. I don't think I would do any captions like that though. I'm not really into that sort of thing, but you never know. I'll keep the idea around.

Are you gay? That's not meant to be derogatory, merely curious. I'm a straight guy and I love the way wearing ladies clothes feels.

That's alright, I'm not offended by your question. I don't consider myself to be gay. With my current situation I feel very limited in the sexuality department, however as a woman I would most likely be bi-sexual. Although even that label is very restrictive, so I'll just say I would be open to alot of things sexually as a woman. But for right now, because I feel I can't do much with my body, just a straight male with lots of curiosities. :)

Some thoughtful questions this time around. Thanks for asking them. :)

Selene from Underworld (Kate Beckinsale). And also for some reason I found the character Lucian in these movies to be very sexy as well. lol :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Stop Bitching

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Formspring Questions IV

More Q & A.

I am man likes to wear girly dresses.

That's not really a question. But whatevers. :P

How you prefer men?

I'm gonna take that as what types of guys do I prefer. Basically metalheads, rockstars, and bikers. I don't care if he is on the cutting edge of style, technology, or even if he gets regular hair cuts. There's just something about the style and attitude of those types of guys that are so attractive to me. If you prefer suits and ties, you're just not my type, sorry. A guy on a Harley will always steal my heart over the guy in a Mercedes.

What are your turn ons and turn offs?

Turn offs: Body hair, stupidity, bald chicks, body oder, people who obsess over the little things, moles, ear and nose hair, country music, breast tattoos on women, 60's, 70's, & 80's women's fashions, being super skinny, skinny jeans on a guy...
Turn ons: Being into metal music, tattoos, crazy colored hair, not being afraid to wear leather in every day wear, long hair (on both men and women), boots, having a hot car or bike, playing the guitar or drums, being a lead singer, not being afraid to be yourself in a world of conformity...

Like to see tg otk spanking captions.

Again I really don't do requests. I'm not really sure what an otk spanking caption is either.

Alectra asks: Do you listen to music (I know that you like metal) to juice out of ideas while making captions? Some of the ones you have made seems to get a feel of metal ^.^ I may need to start calling you Goddess of Metal captions :3

I really don't listen to music to get ideas, its more I have music on all the time so some of what I'm listening to at the time may just show through to whatever I'm working on. But I know what you mean, I've gone back over my stuff and I can totally see the influence there. lol I've even managed to title quite a few of my captions after songs or lyrics. Awesome question btw. :)

How did you know that you were really a girl on the inside?

That's a hard one to answer. I've been thinking about it for a couple days now. I don't know, all my life I've just felt off in the male role. Like it never quite fit me and I have always felt uncomfortable and out of place in it. It wasn't until a few years ago that I really started learning more about myself and really trying to understand why I am the way I am. It seemed like a radical idea at the time, that maybe, perhaps, I am a woman on the inside. But the more I looked into it and explored my own feelings and my own history of my life, the more it made sense. So that's basically how I knew, through lots of thinking and learning. It was by far the most common answer to everything and it made sense, that's how I knew and that is what I accept. :)

Thanks for the great questions! Keep asking more. :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quite a Learning Experience

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Monday, May 2, 2011


That sure would make me happy. :)

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