Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ohhh Shit!

Well it seems Blogger is back and running normal again. So with that I can properly thank those who commented again. :) Thanks to Chaosbeast, stacey kay, Tina, Alectra, Mistress Simone, Sedra, Betty, Kathryn, realfield, and Tiffany for all the comments on the last like 3 captions! :)


  1. Wouldn't that be sweet? ^-^ Michelle is a really attentive girlfriend with Jenny leaving her fantasies go out into reality :3
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: really Isobelle your site have something so bewitching that make me come back and leave a comment every time you post, are you sure you didn't put a spell for that? ^o^

  2. Very cute "caught" story! Love the picture - the girl you used has a cuteness within her sexy image and it's easy to see why someone would love to be trapped in that body.

    Most of all, I love the twist of the girlfriend being the one behind the twisted spell, You captured the panicked dialogue well.

  3. LOVE it though after 24hours of looking like that who'd want to go back to being a guy?

  4. another masterpice girlfreind, love your caps and very proud to be your freind :)