Monday, October 31, 2011

Party Girl

Happy Halloween! Hope yours is as fun as this one! :)

Oh btw, I was really really bored the other day and messing around on facebook and created an Isobelle Nichole page. So if ya want you can "Like" me on facebook now. lol

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Formspring Questions XIII

Q & A time yet again.

Q: If you could magically have one female body part, what would you choose?

A: If I could only pick one, I think I would pick the female sex organs. Just because you could have them and no one else would know. And that would mean you could get pregnant and really truly experience sexual pleasure like a woman. If you wanted boobs you could always get implants later. :P

Q: Thanks for turning me onto Mason Moore!!! Any other girls you can recommend to dream about becoming?

A: Well I have always had a thing for Bianca Beauchamp, there's the super sexy Susan Wayland, Masuimi Max, Rachael Roxx, Angelina Valentine, Kerry Louise, Violet Erotica, Saffron Taylor, and the awesome Kagney Lynn Karter. :)

Q: If you had a vagina, would you give it a nickname?

A: Don't know. Lemme answer that when I get one. ;)


A: Why yes that is a Danzig song of the first album. lol But I assume you mean possession captions. lol It's not really my thing, but I'll keep it in mind.

Q: You said you were looking forward to Skyrim (hells yeah btw!), but what race inside the game were you thinking about playing?

A: Most likely Human. I'll decide exactly which one during the Character Creation. I like to look at the stats and stuff and compare them all.

Dee asks: Wondering if you heard about Keith from Life Of Agony transitioning MtF?

A: Yes I have. I heard about the news not too long after he went public with it. I'm not a huge Life Of Agony fan, though they did have some good songs, but I heard about it from another MtF musician. Marissa Martinez of Cretin is MtF and she posted about it on Cretin's Facebook page. She also did an interview with Decibel Magazine on it as well. :)

The magnificent Saffron Taylor (I'm soooooo envious of her!)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Boys Are So Immature

It was a pretty cheesy ending, but hey, whatevers. lol

Also I've noticed I've passed 400 followers on this blog! Holy crap!!! I know I always say I'm quite modest about this little blog of mine, but that is astounding! Thank you again to everybody for making this something very special to me. :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Formspring Questions XII

Q & A time!

Q: My gf has transformed me into a bimbo slut... I cannot get enough.

A: That's nice. At least you're enjoying it.

Q: How dark are your deepest fantasies in comparison with your captions?

A: Some of my deeper fantasies are far darker. Will they ever show up in the captions I write? Most likely not. They don't fit with the TG themes I want in my captions.

Q: Can you make more captions that involve pregnancy?


Q: Any chance you'll do some pregnant TG caps?


Q: Have you done any pregnant captions?

A: If an idea comes along for a good pregnancy caption I will write it.

Q: Hello isobelle! :) I'm starting to crossdress at home recently, and I'm always been attracted by girly jeans. Which ones would you recomend to wear also in public? (Maybe not too obviously girly to start... or not?) Ciao. Daniele form Italy.

A: Hi Daniele! I would say if you want to go with something not so obvious that they are girl jeans, just check out your local department store. The selection they have in stores like that are not really all that different from the men's jeans and I really don't think anybody would really notice unless they got up close. Best of luck to you! :)

Q: Do you think one day there will be a sickness turning me into hot bimbos?

A: No, but that would be totally sweet.

Q: Do you ever dream about being a lesbian?

A: It has passed through my mind, but I really don't think I could confine myself to just being with women, or men for that matter, if I were a woman.

Q: Who's your favorite female pop singer?

A: I'm not really a fan of pop music, although I have heard quite a bit of it. I couldn't tell you the names of the songs or artists of what I've heard, but my friends love to listen to it in the car. I will say though that Lady Gaga is pretty interesting, but I kinda like this a bit more. :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

College Girls

So apparently bodysuits are all the rave this college year. lol

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Formspring Question XI

Q & A time again!

Q: If you had the body of your dreams, who would be your perfect partner? Would you be the sort of girl to entice the guys in the bar or seduce women with a sexy gaze?

A: Well, if I did have the body of my dreams I would definitely go after the guys, but if I happen to attract a woman, well I don't think I'd be opposed to that. lol I would consider a perfect partner to be a person I could love and have fun with, gender doesn't matter.

Q: When writing these captions did you plan on them to be erotic so people could get off to them?

A: Not really, they just turn out that way. :)

Q: Do spells work? Are they real?

A: I wish, ohh how I wish!

Q: Do you think any of these will come true or there will be a TG virus turning men into sexy girls one day?

A: Probably not, but that would be totally awesome. :)

Q: Herbs or hormones?

A: Neither right now.

Q: You are tied, spread out like an "X" underneath a mirrored ceiling. In the reflection, what are you wearing, what is in the room, and who are you?

A: I'd be a woman (the female version of myself), I'd have on nothing but some sexy leather heels and latex leggings with latex gloves, I'd be in a bedroom (possibly my own) on the bed that is lined with silk sheets, and I would be having a bit of fun with a lover. Cool question, I liked that visualization. :)

Q: Do you feel more "powerful" or "in control" as a masculine entity or feminine?

A: Feminine. Masculine is awkward to me.

Q: Are you always in a feminine mindset, or do you have certain rituals for getting into the right mindset for captioning and such? Also, I admire integrity you show in how you approach this whole identity crisis. You seem very confident as Isobelle.

A: Well first of all thank you. To me I feel all confused and fucked up. I do feel more confident as Isobelle and I think that's because Isobelle is really close to the person I am on the inside.

As for the feminine mindset, I guess you could say yes that I am always in that. Just like things I think about, things I notice and stuff in day to day life, they seem more feminine than masculine to me. Honestly I don't personally know any guy that really notices shoes that everybody is wearing and commenting in my mind to myself on how those shoes look and if they are totally sexy, I so want a pair! For captioning, I generally have to feel like I'm in a sexy mood, or feeling erotic. I don't plan it out or have a ritual to get into that mood, I just let it come naturally. When it does happen that's when I'll try to caption.

Q: To what degree are Isobelle and your male self integrated? Do you find yourself relatively constant in your identity or do you punctuate long periods of masculinity with Isobelle for balance?

A: See above answer. :)

Q: What is it that makes a picture caption worthy?

A: It has to be sexy to me and then it has to show me that there is a story in it.

This image is totally caption worthy. It's sexy and they'res a story in there.

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Semester

Wish I thought of this for college. lol

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Formspring Questions X

These questions are questions that have been left during the time when I wasn't posting new material, but I will respond to them nonetheless. They are fun to read and respond to. So, got something ya wanna ask me, go ahead, I'll be sure to respond. :)

Q: To Isobelle Nichole: There's actually a brand new TF-Media being worked on at the moment and it's called Please check it out and claim all the old work that you did and was transferred from the old TF-Media to the new one.


Q: Don't know if I told you yet, but there'sa new TF-Media out called: Your old captions are there. When you get a sec, please go there and re-claim them. Thank you and keep up the good work on your site!

A: Yes I do know about the site. I have visited it but I haven't really had the time to sit down and really explore it. When I get the chance I will.

Q: Checking daily. Hope everything is ok with all "the crap" you've been dealing with. Good luck with it. This community misses you.

A: I thank you for being a caring person. :) Things are still crazy though and some unexpected things have come up, but I'm doing my best to work through them and doing my best to keep my promise of new material here as well.

Q: If you could transform into a woman, would it matter what kind? Say there was a spell book with a transformation spell, spell that can only turn you into a female specific nationality (Black, Hispanic, etc.).

A: I actually would prefer to stay the nationality, or race, that I am. I've never really had the fantasy of changing race. It never really appealed to me.

Q: Thanks for sharing your work with us. You have previously said that some images just inspire you immediately but where do you even start looking for the images that you use? Do you have one particular site that you use?

A: Nope. I have some various sites bookmarked that I will start with, but where I go from there all depends on where links take me.

Q: Make long, 13 question TG quizzes on mmegen or quizilla please and include pictures. Don't do polls like you do now, do full fun quizzes. It's fun and more of a fantasy.


Q: More quizzes please :) lol

A: Maybe sometime in the future. For now the little polls I post are all I will do. Making a quiz like that would probably be alot of fun, but we'll see. It's not something I will promise but I won't rule it out as a possibility.

Q: New caps soon?

A: Why yes of course. :D

Q: Play any video games and what system? (go PS3!)

A: I do enjoy video games from time to time. Of course I have all the old (and good) consoles, like NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis. lol Those were the best! But as for the current generation of consoles I do have a PS3 and an XBOX 360. I do tend to use the 360 more, mainly cause that is what most of my friends have. As for games, I like FPS games, like Black Ops, I like big fantasy games like Fable and Oblivion (can't wait for Skyrim!!!), and the new Mortal Kombat game is pretty cool. Honestly I play wide variety of games, whatever I'm in the mood for.

Keep the questions coming! :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Bet

New captions will be posted on Mondays. Thank you to everybody for sticking around and waiting for new captions! You all really make this something special to me! :)