Thursday, October 13, 2011

Formspring Question XI

Q & A time again!

Q: If you had the body of your dreams, who would be your perfect partner? Would you be the sort of girl to entice the guys in the bar or seduce women with a sexy gaze?

A: Well, if I did have the body of my dreams I would definitely go after the guys, but if I happen to attract a woman, well I don't think I'd be opposed to that. lol I would consider a perfect partner to be a person I could love and have fun with, gender doesn't matter.

Q: When writing these captions did you plan on them to be erotic so people could get off to them?

A: Not really, they just turn out that way. :)

Q: Do spells work? Are they real?

A: I wish, ohh how I wish!

Q: Do you think any of these will come true or there will be a TG virus turning men into sexy girls one day?

A: Probably not, but that would be totally awesome. :)

Q: Herbs or hormones?

A: Neither right now.

Q: You are tied, spread out like an "X" underneath a mirrored ceiling. In the reflection, what are you wearing, what is in the room, and who are you?

A: I'd be a woman (the female version of myself), I'd have on nothing but some sexy leather heels and latex leggings with latex gloves, I'd be in a bedroom (possibly my own) on the bed that is lined with silk sheets, and I would be having a bit of fun with a lover. Cool question, I liked that visualization. :)

Q: Do you feel more "powerful" or "in control" as a masculine entity or feminine?

A: Feminine. Masculine is awkward to me.

Q: Are you always in a feminine mindset, or do you have certain rituals for getting into the right mindset for captioning and such? Also, I admire integrity you show in how you approach this whole identity crisis. You seem very confident as Isobelle.

A: Well first of all thank you. To me I feel all confused and fucked up. I do feel more confident as Isobelle and I think that's because Isobelle is really close to the person I am on the inside.

As for the feminine mindset, I guess you could say yes that I am always in that. Just like things I think about, things I notice and stuff in day to day life, they seem more feminine than masculine to me. Honestly I don't personally know any guy that really notices shoes that everybody is wearing and commenting in my mind to myself on how those shoes look and if they are totally sexy, I so want a pair! For captioning, I generally have to feel like I'm in a sexy mood, or feeling erotic. I don't plan it out or have a ritual to get into that mood, I just let it come naturally. When it does happen that's when I'll try to caption.

Q: To what degree are Isobelle and your male self integrated? Do you find yourself relatively constant in your identity or do you punctuate long periods of masculinity with Isobelle for balance?

A: See above answer. :)

Q: What is it that makes a picture caption worthy?

A: It has to be sexy to me and then it has to show me that there is a story in it.

This image is totally caption worthy. It's sexy and they'res a story in there.

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  1. yes that picture is definitely hot and has a story to it. newly transformed girl on the left is looking at the cock of a hung stud on her friend's cellphone newly transformed girl on the right. Oh and the're going upstairs to meet the guy.
    Ha! Easy!! lol

    sweet questions!

    cant wait for next monday!