Thursday, October 27, 2011

Formspring Questions XIII

Q & A time yet again.

Q: If you could magically have one female body part, what would you choose?

A: If I could only pick one, I think I would pick the female sex organs. Just because you could have them and no one else would know. And that would mean you could get pregnant and really truly experience sexual pleasure like a woman. If you wanted boobs you could always get implants later. :P

Q: Thanks for turning me onto Mason Moore!!! Any other girls you can recommend to dream about becoming?

A: Well I have always had a thing for Bianca Beauchamp, there's the super sexy Susan Wayland, Masuimi Max, Rachael Roxx, Angelina Valentine, Kerry Louise, Violet Erotica, Saffron Taylor, and the awesome Kagney Lynn Karter. :)

Q: If you had a vagina, would you give it a nickname?

A: Don't know. Lemme answer that when I get one. ;)


A: Why yes that is a Danzig song of the first album. lol But I assume you mean possession captions. lol It's not really my thing, but I'll keep it in mind.

Q: You said you were looking forward to Skyrim (hells yeah btw!), but what race inside the game were you thinking about playing?

A: Most likely Human. I'll decide exactly which one during the Character Creation. I like to look at the stats and stuff and compare them all.

Dee asks: Wondering if you heard about Keith from Life Of Agony transitioning MtF?

A: Yes I have. I heard about the news not too long after he went public with it. I'm not a huge Life Of Agony fan, though they did have some good songs, but I heard about it from another MtF musician. Marissa Martinez of Cretin is MtF and she posted about it on Cretin's Facebook page. She also did an interview with Decibel Magazine on it as well. :)

The magnificent Saffron Taylor (I'm soooooo envious of her!)


  1. have to say i'm jealous, darling. You get the best formspring questions. Always fun to read the responses.

  2. saffron is hot! i enjoyed this.  readers who may be interested in learning about the secret world of phone sex operators are also welcome here.