Saturday, May 14, 2011

Formspring Questions V

Q & A time again.

Is there a real spell that will change a man into a woman?

I so wish there was but unfortunately I have found no such thing yet. And you would most definitely know if I found it too. You'd prolly never hear from me again because I'd be too busy living life to the fullest because I would be the most happiest human on Earth!

Marianna asks: What is your favourite position? Yes, in bed! It doesn't matter if it's a fantasy of yours, or if you have actually tried it yet or not. It's a simple question! Answer with details, pleeease! Thanks! :)

I hate to disappoint but I think this answer will be rather boring. I'm pretty basic in that I really just prefer the basic missionary style. I can do either top or bottom but I kinda lean towards the bottom. That's not to say though that is all I like. I'm pretty open to experimentation and exploration. I love trying new things. :)

How were you able to compromise, your headbanging, pit-destroying metal personality with the "Isobelle" side of you? Or have the two never clashed?

There was no compromise and there has never been any clashing. I would not say I have a metal side. No, it's more that a metalhead is who I am down to my very core. The music has had such a profound impact on my life that music to me is so much more than just music, it is a way of life. Metal permeates into everything that I am and everything that I do.

What would be your ideal fantasy outfit?

The outfit Kate Beckinsale wore in the Underworld movies. :)

How often do you have fantasies?

Very often actually. Whenever my mind is not focused on what is going on around me I delve into my fantasy world. I am a day dreamer.

Who influenced you when it comes to making captions? Who are your favorite caption makers?

There were many who influenced me but I would say the two biggest were Ed Miller and Tammi Heartilly. Probably to this day they remain as my two most favorite caption makers.

OTK is over the knee... spanking captions... Is it wrong to want to be spanked when I'm dressed like a girl? Would like to see some captions like that.

I'm not one to judge others' fantasies. I don't think I would do any captions like that though. I'm not really into that sort of thing, but you never know. I'll keep the idea around.

Are you gay? That's not meant to be derogatory, merely curious. I'm a straight guy and I love the way wearing ladies clothes feels.

That's alright, I'm not offended by your question. I don't consider myself to be gay. With my current situation I feel very limited in the sexuality department, however as a woman I would most likely be bi-sexual. Although even that label is very restrictive, so I'll just say I would be open to alot of things sexually as a woman. But for right now, because I feel I can't do much with my body, just a straight male with lots of curiosities. :)

Some thoughtful questions this time around. Thanks for asking them. :)

Selene from Underworld (Kate Beckinsale). And also for some reason I found the character Lucian in these movies to be very sexy as well. lol :)


  1. sweet answers.
    AAAhhh, Kate Bechinsale as Selene in Underworld. Much hotter on the second one! I only really liked the movies solely to watch this dark vampiric beauty. I love full black catsuits.

  2. I love the look as well, but the prequel also has Rhona Mitra who can cut a nice figure as a Vampire Princess. She is awesome in Doomsday as well.

  3. Hey, I love the basic missionary style! I prefer it too!

  4. Obviously Kate did as well since she is his ex.

  5. Yeah, I know Kate was married to him. Such a sexy couple... Vampiress beauty and sexy lycan, a match made in hell. lol