Saturday, May 21, 2011

Formspring Questions VI

More Q&A.

I want to be transformed into your pantyhose for a sexual pleasure.

That's an interesting fantasy. If I ever figure out how to do that, I'll come find you. :)

Would like to read about a boy who became a condom and has to be used by his girlfriend to turn back into a man.

That sounds like a fun story, unfortunately I don't know of any that exist like that, but then again I really don't read stories too often.

If you were given the chance to start over your life and be a girl, would you rather keep your consciousness and know that you were once a male who wanted to be a girl or would you rather start all from scratch and not know anything?! Thanks! Mariana.

Very thoughtful question, one that I have asked myself before. I would keep my consciousness and memories. Not because I want to hang on to the maleness that I would have once had, but because I think that way I would take nothing for granted in being a woman now. I would know most everything I want to do and would make sure that I take any opportunities and make opportunities for things I so wish I could have experienced growing up. Thank you for that question. :)

What is your naughtiest fantasy?

Well one of my more naughtier fantasies involves me being a woman in a room full of guys. Everybody's naked and all the guys are there to basically have me suck them off and for them to fuck me. It seems like an endless amount of cocks, each one cumming all over my female body. The fantasy ends with me being covered in the seed of every guy there. My body is covered and full of cum. Yup, that may be the naughtiest, possibly the dirtiest and nastiest as well. lol

When is the Dungeon coming back? :P

Kathryn asks: Where did your Valley Girl side start?

Well like it totally started back when I was a teen. Was it? Yeah... it totally was fer sure. Like at the time I would just like watch movies or like see stuff on TV and junk, and like that is how I saw people talking. Fer sure. But like I was also smart enough to totally know that most of these shows or movies were like set in Cali. I am totally not blonde if that was what you were thinking. So like yeah, that is totally where the influence comes from ya know, valley girls and surfer dudes on the boob tube. But like I started imitating them because I totally thought it was like a fun way to talk. Ya know? Right. So like yeah, that's totally the story behind it. Fer sure. :P

More cock sucking captions please! Please, oh and Isobelle if you ever become a full woman I would love to fuck your brains out! Love you!

Check back on Monday, that caption may be just what you are looking for. ;)

And thanks! I'll consider that a huge compliment. :D

Thank you all again for the great questions. :)

The results of a very messy fantasy. lol


  1. interesting thoughts on becoming a woman and keeping your memories. I think it would allow you to keep things in prospective because you would see how far you've come to a dream/fantasy realized.

  2. Girl, those are some totally awesome answers. Like fer sure. I hope you get some more good ones like soon.

  3. Oooh to be so completely covered like that.

  4. Me, I would definitely choose to remember it all.. and for the same reasons you gave. I wouldn't like to risk taking my new chance in life for granted and also I think I would just enjoy it a lot more!