Saturday, March 6, 2010

No More

Sort of a generic type one, but was still fun to write. :P

On the news side of things, a friend of mine from TF-Media, Crap, has started his own TF themed website. Coyote's Plane It has a chat, forums, and a gallery. There already has been quite a few caps and photo manips uploaded. This is a place that covers all sorts of TF's. There is even a cool profile feature where you can customize your page and add friends. It may still be just fresh brand new, but it is neat so far. If you're interested I recommend checking it out.

Anyways thanks to Tina and Kevin for the comments. :)


  1. Crap has a site? Why did he not tell me? I feel un loved. T_T

    That was still a cool cap I thought.

  2. yeah i so ready for this to i want this to be able to look down and see flatness and to ahve vbreast and a pussy this is just what i want to i want to be a girl please change me itnot girlhood at last!