Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Be Still my Heart

So a few things about this one. First, I made this one on a bad day. I did find a breif moment of happiness in it though. :) Second, I used my new avatar for this one. I just think that the pic is so hot it deserved a caption. :) Third, I used this caption to enter the March caption contest over at Rachel's Haven. My first time ever entering a caption contest over there. :)

Anyways, enough of my rambling. Thanks to Kevin, realfield, and Tina for the thoughtful comments. lol They do make you think...


  1. Wow, that totally is Isobelle!!!

    Loved that you used your avatar picture for a cap!! Love it!!


  2. That was a very poetic caption I think. Sorry to hear about your bad day but at least you had this awesome caption.

    Loved the cap.

  3. I absolutely *adore* that picture, Isobelle, and can totally see why you'd use it for your avatar.

    Just looking at it gets me a little hot. I'm such a sucker for dark red hair. :)

  4. i really do want this to but i want to be a blonde women at long last so then i too can be saying be still my heart for now you to are at last a girl!