Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting Ready

Well I updated some things here. First, there is a new poll up! Go vote! lol Next I organized the links a little better. I think it looks a bit cleaner. Then I re-did my "About Me" section. I think the new one fits a bit better. And I have made a decision. For those of you asking about "Isobelle's Dungeon," I have officially put it on Hiatus status. Thank you all for the wonderful experience I had from that blog. I hope to revive it someday when I get the inspiration for it again. :)

Very special thank yous to Tina and Alexia for the comments on my last caption. :)

Ohhh and if you run a TG Blog and would like me to post a link to it in my links section, email me about it. I tried to get as many as I knew or remember. :)


  1. Ah the charms of being a girl always escape people until they know about it themselves.

  2. Oh wow, i totally didn't see this until the other post after this came up in my blog updates. I love it, love the picture!! Its so you! I love the dialogue on this!!

    Your make up/getting ready caps are really sweet!!