Monday, March 8, 2010

You Gave me Freedom

I wrote this one after I read a comment that Alexia left on my other blog. She inspired me so much in this one. So thank you very much Alexia. :)

Thanks to Kevin for the comment on my last caption. And thank you to any and all who stopped by and checked out Coyote's Plane, the new TF themed site by my friend Crap. :)


  1. Oh sweet! I liked how you got a pretty close match to someone who looks like Alexia! I fucking loved the colors in this, did you tweak it?? You know, in a way, I kinda consider Alexia to be the big sister of all of us...

    Alexia you're great, and Isobelle this was mesmerizing...


  2. Tina, that is my Avatar Gal Justine Joli and one of her pals that I have seen in pics with her.

    Wow. Isobelle. This is so sweet. I do dream sometimes about becoming who I have thought about being if magic and molecular abilities were real. I would travel and visit my trapped sisters and reshape reality and flesh. I am glad my words helped you the other day. I understand becoming depressed and hurt by the way life is not how you feel it should be.

    Tina, I hope we can all realize the Sisterhood we need to survive being trapped in this world as people that feel incomplete. I try and show care in the limited way the Internet allows. I hope I have helped others.

  3. Oh no wonder it looked a lot like Justine Joli! Because it is her! Lol, oh Alexia you're so awesome.

    The sisterhood... I like the sound of that.


  4. Thank you both so much for the wonderful comments. :)

    No I did not tweak the colors, that's how I found it. :P

    And I did know it was Justine Joli, that's why I instantly thought of doing a cap like this featuring Alexia. I was browsing and saw this one and said "That's Alexia, but who is that other girl? She looks so... Me!" lol But the emotion from the pic and what I was feeling at the time seemed to match perfectly. :)

    I like the idea of the Sisterhood. We do have to stick together, cause no else out there really understands us. And yes your words do help Alexia. I know they are just words, but they mean so much more to me. :)

  5. yes i do really belive that girls can transform mlaes into female if they can just get you alone and you tell them you have always wanted to be female they will set you free and you to can become a girl at last and i want one of them to free me and turn me into the girl i am so meant to be at lasst free as a girl! please free me into girlhood!