Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sorry Tiny

Ok, call me mean, but I could not stop laughing while I wrote this one. :P lol


  1. What size is his tongue and how talented is he with it? She is thinking "small" *giggles* He might be tasty as well, I mean that little snack might feel good in her mouth while that big strong cock is taking care of her down below. I think I should just take both her men and show the darling what to do.

    Nice Cap Hun.


  2. Haha! Very funny Isobelle I always found it funny how they criticize the men with the smaller dicks yet they usually shoot the largest loads!

    Not a bad suggestion on becoming a woman though!

    Anyone know the name of the girl in the picture?


  3. Haha, my favorite kinds of captions, this kinda stuff I like. I like how you humiliated the guy and then suggested he be a female instead, fucking sweet!!


  4. Yes well all love the big ones, but when two are on offer, how can a girl resist??? lol

  5. This is is fantastic! I love the idea of the guy being so humiliated that...well...what choice did he have, really? Time for 2-sluts-on-1-guy!