Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Man with the TG Gun

Ok so this one's prolly pretty corny. I mean like I think the idea was decent, but idk, not sure about the outcome. Maybe it's cause I've only seen like 2 Bond movies or maybe it's cause as I was typing this one, in my mind the whole thing was being said in a Sean Connery voice/accent. lol Ohhh well. :P

Thanks to Mistress Simone, Tina, Kira, Lucas, Anne, Sedra, and Kevin for the comments. Wow! :)


  1. lol funny, is there going to be a part two? :P

  2. I found it highly entertaining, cute but yes, funny. I also love the name.

  3. I love it - definitely different, but it works.

  4. Sean connery = awesome

    Myself, I'd aim that gun at me. The caption is not really that bad. But if you don't like it, then that is option. Besides, looks like everyone else who commented so far likes it as well. ^^

  5. Hoo-ray,I got mentioned for the comments:P-feels special-

    Also, I think that's all we'll hear of poor 007 after that. Though, imagining just what a pretty girl a Bond would make...mmmm<3

    And since you mentioned it I read the whole thing with Sean Connery's voice in my head. Still unsure if that made it better or wierder:P

  6. Good to see your funny, cheeky side shining through. Luv your work sweetie xo