Thursday, August 5, 2010

Damn Picture

As promised, another new one. :)

I did post a new poll, so go vote! The results from the last one were interesting, though I kinda expected it. idk, thought more of you girls out there would be more into guys. :P I know I for sure would be. :P lol

Thanks to Sedra, Mistress Simone, Kevin, and realfield for the comments. :)


  1. Humorous, sexy, fun. Love the picture. and it looks like someone's about to get a new girlfriend.

  2. This is an original Cap giel!! I'm sorry I couldn't comment on the last post, I can only use Safari to view and use Blogger! I really want to make one of my self! I fucking loved it!!!!!!!! So hot, I cummed to it, thats how hot it was!

    This cap is hot too, love how the other isn't so into it and the other sure is... ;)

    Nice to see you posting again, I guess both of us needed to be rewounded or something. lol


  3. nice work hun as always keep up the great work izzy :P

  4. Was a fun read. I think one of them is in the right frame of mind, but the other not so much. You can deside who I think is who.

  5. I see some wild tanlines in their future. Hot fun in the summertime!

  6. This one is great! Love the two opposing views of being girlified via Bikini Beach. I hope both get their happy ending in this one! ;)