Monday, August 23, 2010

It Was a Dream, Right?

Hmm, yet another one with me on my knees sucking away at my beloved Austin. *sigh* Such is a life I dream of...

Thanks to Sedra, Mistress Simone, Tina, Dark Heathyr, Kevin, Lucas, and Mia for the comments. :)


  1. Ooooooh Izzy! This caption just made me tingle and so fucking horny! I love the huge refute to your hazy, vague memories of you possibly being a male! What!? Why the hell would anyone want that! ;)

    I would love to see many more of you feeling like a woman! Aaaaah!!!

    My cock looks sooo good!


  2. hehe nice one izzy hun, oh tina loved the one you did about izzy, you both keep up the great work :)

  3. Mmm Austin is right!:)

    Absolutely sexy post Izzy.-fans self and tries not to pant- :P

  4. Another triumph. I also cannot think of a better way to relieve stress ;)

  5. Gotta go with what Tina said, Love the cap and wonder why anyone would want to remember being male?

  6. top drawer! absolutely sexy image and cap. let those silly memories fade away.