Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finally Arrived

This one is for my dear Sedra. :)

Thanks to Tina, Sedra, Lucas, Mia, Kevin and realfield for the comments. :)


  1. OMG I LOVE IT! thank you hair and everything,she is going to have so much fun! keep up the great work hun. thank you again i'm very flattered.

  2. Myself, I love her dress more then her hair. Just me though.

    Awesome cap and it was a great read. Seems that Seadra loves it as well and that is all that matters I would think. ^^

  3. What an amazingly sexy picture and a delightful story as well. I love seeing a girl live out her dreams. xo xo.

  4. Pretty face! I would drool for her! Hot dress!!!

    Nice job Izzy, you really know how to express someone else in TG captions.