Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tammy's New Life

I just love this set of images so much! Well on this one the story does scream Isobelle and Austin, but I did not feel the pictures did. And I write my captions from the pictures. :P

Thanks to Kevin, realfield, and Tina for the comments. And thanks for not thinking I am selfish. :)


  1. And Tammy lived a happy life. It was a nice set of caps.

  2. I fucking loved the ending!!!!! I want that to be me!! I want to be fucked forever as a woman, I loved the time lapse! I want to be married! I want to be a mommy!!! Oh shit this is my style of captions!!

    I loved it girl!

  3. Thius series was excellent, I sooo wanted to be her, what an experience, great ;pics