Sunday, October 11, 2009

Safe Sex

A quick one. Although if I was the girl, I don't think I would mind if I got pregnant. Hehe.

Thanks to Kevin, realfield, 1manview, Tina, and Sissy Chrissie for the comments. You people are the best a girl could ask for!!


  1. I like how cut and dry she sounded on the only way he's going to get into her pussy is with a condom. and also if not I'll find another guy who will, ah!! I loved it!! Love the pic you chose!

  2. Condoms are nice, but also make sure she is on the pill just to be safe.

    Love the short and sweet caps like this.

  3. she looks so slutty, i wish i was her. as for condoms, i'd actually like cum in my pussy...