Saturday, October 17, 2009

It Was Desire

Sorry I've been kind of selfish in my caption making lately. I've been tending to make them using my name in them, as opposed to using random names. I just look at a pic like the one I used for this caption and can't think of any other name to use than mine. I look at that picture and see Isobelle in it. So I am terribly sorry if it seems selfish or like having a lack of creativity.

Thanks to Alexia for the comment. :)


  1. Another fun read from Isobelle. I loved it. And do not worry about being selfish. just make caps that you want to make and your readers should love them all the same.

  2. Never, ever apologize for a caption this HAWT!

  3. Oh c'mon! Never ever think you're being selfish!! This is after all YOUR blog! this isn't just any other blog, this is Isobelle's Captions! And you know that I love captions like these since its another one with you sucking my large cock!

    But really keep this shit going, honestly I love the ones involving you the most. I think the story sounds hotter cause it seems more personal to read that about you. Yah know what I mean??

    This one is hot, nice cummed on tits you have! ;)

  4. Not selfish at all, your just expressing your desire for something we all want... keep up the great work