Sunday, October 4, 2009

Taking Her to Meet Austin

Another Austin/Isobelle one. You know I love these Tina. :P


  1. That is one funky skirt you have on Isobelle.

    Fun to read cap.

  2. God dammit this was good!! Probably because you mention me in it. I fucking loved the pic you used for both you and Charlotte! Both of you look amazing, im sure Charlotte would agree!

    I love these Izzy!!!

    I love being your bf! <3

  3. I had to comment again!

    I just thought of how wonderful it would be to have two women both receiving my cock. Just thought of how swollen it would get fucking you too all the time! Yummy, especially you Izzy! ;)

  4. You know Tina, you saying things like that just keeps fueling my fire of making captions like this. :P Haha I fucking love it!