Monday, September 13, 2010

Rebellion Will Break Out

Heh, here's another one where the inspiration came straight from my own life. Kinda wish though that my life was more like this caption. lol Ahhh dreams...

Thanks to Tina, Chris, Kathy Kevin, Mistress Simone, Lucas and Mia for the comments! Thanks, you peeps are awesome! :)


  1. Very sweet, but I do wonder who won in the end? You can say the dauther, but the mother still gets the girl she always wanted. I guess that is for each person to deside on their own. ^^

  2. Wow, I just loved the context to all of that!! I was pleased with the transformation side of it, how it was forced but adjusted willingly, especially when you saw you were forming breasts and had developed nicely! I love the picture, I feel like this at times, kind of lost but also has that delicate feel to it, like your body had just adjusted to a more delicate form. I love the mention of the boyfriend, how after all of that, you have now got a boyfriend you're satisfied with, or comfortable with. I can see this being you but it also has that universal personal insight that can be suited for anyone.

    I would like to see more like these girl! Nice job on this!

  3. ...oh and also I love that dress, its colorful but fits very sweet on her body! Gawd what I would do with a body like that!!

  4. Mmn lovely as always Isobelle:D

    I never really understood the over-bearing parent thing myself(my parents are kinda hippies...), they'd be pretty cool whatever I did with myself...

    Awesome cap as always of course:D

    Also - Mmm the thighs on that girl:P

  5. hey izzy, very good again, as always. i just love your work hun :)

  6. A wonderfully detailed caption. If only I'd gone to a school like that?! Although I would have gone willingly, lol.