Thursday, September 23, 2010

Not Her Life Anymore

I totally had fun making this one. :P

Thanks to Tina, Alectra, Kevin, Lucas, realfield, Mistress Simone, and Anne for the comments. :)

Alectra (cool name btw :) ) the other blog is on hold for now. Concentrating more on this one.


  1. "Later that week, she dumbed the caveman for austin and told her sister that she does not feel like switching back"

    heh heh. Very fun caption. I loved the read and all the stuff 'big brother' is going to fix in his kid sisters life.

  2. I wonder what the girl want's to point out measuring like that with her hands :3
    And the look on her face that's make this pic a winner for the story, good job

    P.D: Isobelle your name's cool too, mine is a variation from Electra :3, i love the greek Culture...

  3. Ahh, not having a younger sister, i can't have this happen unfortunately, but still a veyr fun cap to read Isobelle!<3

  4. he he =P sometimes a 'Girl' has got too take charge... A fun cap xo xo

  5. Oh I love Kevin's idea! Is that you honey? Do you wish you were your sister? ;) I love this one, so original! I really want a sequel after what Kevin said! lol