Saturday, November 21, 2009

So Good

Well this one was going to be an Isobelle/Austin one, but as I wrote it I felt like names were not needed, that they may have even taken away from the story here. But in my mind it still is an Isobelle/Austin caption. I still see that that is Isobelle (me) sucking my Austin's cock! :) Jeez it's so awesome to have some one online who you can do like that. Hehe. I love ya Tina, you are the best girl!! <3!!!


  1. God damn I wish you did include the names! It just would make this cap even more drop dead sexy! I love the perspective of this pic, so awesome to see you sucking on that cock like that, and also your but all in the air like that... Awwww... Nice!!


  2. It looks like Izzy is about to get her pussy licked as well. Yummy.

  3. All of your super sexy caps are Isobelle and Austin. I am use to it. heh heh

    Now I want to taste it.

  4. That simply looks delicious!!!