Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Device

So I think I still have somewhat of a problem in making new captions. I have no idea why I can't write as many as I was, but whatevers. I'll survive. :P Anyway, enjoy this new one.

Also don't forget to check out my new blog Inside the Mind of Isobelle Stop by and check it out. It promises to be interesting. :) Or if its not, feel free to leave hate mail. LOL

Thanks to Tina, Kevin, realfield, wannabecumslut and Anna Oni Mouse. And thank you very much Anna for the well thought out comment, it showed you care. :) Love ya all. <3>


  1. Oh Izzy, that was really hot, loved how you adjusted who's speaking by the color of our panties, very clever! You have a knack for this kind of stuff, don't give up so soon on your inability to write decent captions, you're fine girl~!


  2. I think that this one was a very hot and sexy captions. Do not know why you think you are having a problem when you can type out caption gold like this.

  3. Awesome caption.

    I wish I was one of those girls, James is looking at right now...

    I like your writing style and the layout for this cap is great.

  4. I would love to find that device and be one of those girls!!