Thursday, November 17, 2011

Formspring Questions XVI

Q & A time again.

Q: If you won like, 40 million dollars, would you give some to me... not alot, just a bit to fuel my desires (assuming you remembered this after winning) ???

A: Umm yeah I guess... lol. If I won that much I have always said to myself I would share with my friends. :) Although the obvious thing with winning that much is, abso-fucking-lutely I would become a woman. :P

Q: The Dream: If it was your wildest dream, what is your kinkiest desire? What is your deepest fetish? The two are very separate in my mind, so I'd like to get inside your for a moment.

A: I really wouldn't consider that my wildest dream, although it would be close. My wildest dream and desire is passionate sex as a woman. I'm a big softee for romantic type stuff. lol My deepest fetish? I've said before I would not go there with this blog. It's crazy and fucked up and all I'll say is that I love the gore lyrics of brutal death metal and goregrind. There is something more than just the horror/shock aspect to them, but I suspect a lot who listen to this type of music feel the same way.

Q: Do you have any ideas for possession captions? 'Cuz that would be pretty awesome! ;)

A: I have a few ideas, but possession caps aren't really my thing. I'm just not really into them. I know I get a lot of questions asking for them, so I will try to deliver one in my next phase of caption making.

Q: Are there any chatrooms or message boards you could recommend to talk about my desires to be a woman? I have no where to talk :(

A: Yes there are. I would recommend Rachel's Haven and Crossdream Life. The later being more geared towards this type of discussion. Both are wonderful places but I have not been to either as of late.

Q: How are your sexual feelings as a woman?

A: Well physically I'm not a woman so that part I can't answer. :P But mentally, I guess you could say I'm like a bi-sexual woman. I'm attracted to both sexes, each having different things that get me going sexually. I will be honest and say that I have indeed been sexually aroused by both men and women. I hope that somewhat answers what you were asking. :)

Q: Make tg quizzes like you will survive the tg apocalypse and stuff like that off like quizzilla. They are so much fun!!! Make like six of em!!!

A: I'm gonna be honest and say I will prolly never get around to this. Especially since Skyrim has been released. So there may be a lapse in caption making here as well, lol, I'm having way too much fun with this game, especially now since I've become a Lycan!! :D

If I won $40 million, I would do everything to look like this. :)


  1. I can totally see that as you Izzy! Love your formspring answers.


  2. Again, I never seem to get such questions on fromspring. It's fun to read your answers as always.

  3. My kinky fetish dream that is on a list in my head came about as you said you were a Lycan, being a Woman and a Werewolf combined would be so hot, and Izzy, you are so cool, I hope someday one of us in this cyber community wins like 40 mil so we can share the transitioning happiness. Yes, I too would transition if I won 40 mil, heck 10 mil would do it for me.

  4. loved your answers hun, you are a very smart girl :)