Thursday, November 10, 2011

Formspring Questions XV

Q & A time again!

Q: I've seen posts about quizzes, where do I find them?

A: I'm actually not really sure where to find them myself. I never really went looking for them.

Q: Do you think I would make a good big?

A: Not quite sure what you're asking here. O_o

Q: The Dream: What inspired it?

A: The pictures mainly lol. But if you want a deeper explanation, it was my own personal desires and wildest dreams. :)

Q: Would you ever contact a friend who knew about your desire to be a woman, so you could have something in common to talk about? 

A: I'm not really sure exactly what you are asking here. I talk to online friends all the time about this. In real life, no, I have never told any of my friends, but we have plenty to talk about, plenty in common, that's why we're friends.

Q: How does the idea sound of a blog that puts out a variety of TG captions exploring different formats/medias (experimental) as well as taste, all while meta-critiquing around the blogosphere and the aesthetics of this sort of thing?

A: Sounds like an interesting idea to me. I would say if that is your idea, go for it.

Q: Is this all true?

A: Is what all true? If you are asking about my desire to be a woman physically, yes. If you are asking if I really think this way, like womanly I guess you could say, all the time, yes, 24/7. This is not some act I put on, not in the least.

Q: Why do you want to become fully female? Is it the sex, the lifestyle, or something else?

A: It's something else. It is hard to explain but the easiest way I think I can put it is that I want to become fully female because that's what I feel on the inside. My physical outside may be male but my mental inside says otherwise. I would like to become fully female so that my inside can finally match my outside and I can truly be myself in life and not have to hide and mask myself all the time.

Thank you for the questions! :)

A lot of us out there wear masks. Only when we look inside ourselves and see 
our reflection in our own personal mirrors do we see our true reflection.


  1. Would I make a good big? lol, nice!
    it seems like there are a lot of people who are not always up with the blogs. And also some who may be from other countries where English is not their first language... But you probably already know that.

    nice pic! you would think there would be more captioned suicidegirls pics.