Friday, June 10, 2011

Formspring Questions VIII

Q & A time again. Sorry for not having a Q & A post last weekend. I was not home for most of the weekend. So this is sorta like a double post. :P

Q: Knowing that you would generally swap M to F, I wonder: How pretty would your new body have to be to agree to the swap? Would you insist on being gorgeous? At least of average attractiveness?

A: I wouldn't have to be drop dead sexy to agree. In fact I would prolly prefer an average level of attractiveness. I just think that would feel much more natural and real. Don't get me wrong though, if the opportunity ever came up to become a super sexy woman, I would not pass it up. :P

Q: If you could chose to have a mutant power, what would it be? I'd love to have the power to take over someone else's body. ;)

A: That's an easy one, shape-shifting ability. Like Mystique from the X-Men universe. :)

Q: You don't just like this stuff as a fetish or something embarrassing? I like it but I don't want to actually be a tranny. I'm sorry but I think that's sick!

A: I don't think it's sick. Some people feel that in that state they feel natural, that they feel that is the way that best fits who they are. I personally don't see anything wrong with that.

As far as myself wanting to be a tranny or shemale or whatever else the porn industry calls it, I do not want to become like that. Yes, it is a physical state along the road of transition, but I would not stay there. If I do indeed transition, I would see it through to the end. The end, of course, becoming a woman.

Q: Could you do a cap where a chauvinist gets sensitivity training by being given a cream that makes him more "sensitive" as well as turn him into a wet dream of a woman, the rest I'll leave to your imagination, also what is your thought on redheads?

A: I'll keep the idea in mind.

Q: Can you please show more captions of big breasted women? If they're chicks with dicks and big tits even better!

A: If I come across an image like that that I can get an idea for a story out of it, sure. No promises though. :P

Q: Do you know of any other sites like TF-Media? Are their captions backed up somewhere?

A: TF-Media was a unique site. I really don't think there is another place out there like it. If you are looking for TG content i would recommend Rachel's Haven. It is a very nice place.

I do believe most caption makers do back-up their work. Many that were posting at TF-Media have now moved on to Blogger and have blogs of their own.

Q: Your name?

A: I assume you are asking for my "real" name. Although I really don't think too highly of the name given to me at birth (I never felt it fit me), I'm still not going to tell. Isobelle is the name I choose to go by in this internet world. That is the name I want to be known as, and only as, here.

Q: I'm from India. Do you know anything about India?

A: I once did a geography report on India in high school. In college I had some classmates from India and got to work with them on a class project. They were really cool people. :)

Q: I don't remember if I asked you this or not, but could you please make a caption that involves "possession"? Example: a guy gains the ability to possess a girl's body. I'd love to see what you come up with! Finally, keep up the great work, Isobelle!

A: I think you did ask me before. I'll see what I can do. Maybe I'll make one like that in the next batch of caps I make. We'll just have to wait and see. I do think possession in a neat idea for a caption though. :)

Q: How is baby formed? How is girl get pregnant?

A: I honestly hope that question is not serious and that you really do know. But if you don't know, read this: :P

Alectra asks: I know by now that you care a lot for your friends and that sometimes you feel bad to some people that would say something bad to you, but how much care do you put on a friendship? No matter if online or the real world.

A: I value the friendships that I have greatly. For my closest friends I would do just about anything for.

Thanks for all the questions! :)



  1. Eh, Eh, eh Is i think some of the question are aiming to strike your humour eh, eh, eh
    Mystique yeah right that the cheap answer, we all want to be Mystique ^^
    Blue, gorgeous and evil, did i say EVIL?
    Hugs and Kisses ALectra

  2. great answers hun, but really i hope they were kidding about the question about pregnant lol

  3. You get lots of questions every week eh?

    I hope you get some inspiration and crank out some new captions soon.

    Can't believe that people would troll with questions like that. I am surprised you even acknowledged what was asked.

    Also, thanks for the shout-out to Rachel's Haven. We are hosting all the TF-Media files there (not everyone wants to download a big file, etc ...) Anyone who created stuff for that site can get instant gallery access (well, once an admin is notified) and set up their captions in a gallery.

    Have you heard the latest Motorhead CD? I wasn't expecting too much, but I was pleasantly surprised. A few songs in the middle are weak, but overall not a bad addition to their musical catalog.

  4. A lot of funky questions!? lol, why haven't I gotten a shit-load?


  5. Interesting questions and answers, I've been reading and enjoying your blog and captions for almost the entire time its been around, and I was hoping you could check out my new TG captions blog at, I would love to get some followers and get more involved in this community