Monday, June 20, 2011

Formspring Questions IX

Before I get to the questions I just want to say that I am in the process of getting more captions together. I do not know when they will be posted as I'm dealing with a lot of crap in life right now and that obviously comes before anything. Still, thank you to all who follow this blog, leave comments, email me, and drop me questions. :)

Now to the Q&A's

Q: When did you first realize you wanted the things you write about?

A: Prolly around 7 years ago when I first discovered TG captions. The subject matter just really resonated within me and I knew from the start there was so much more than just a simple attraction to the idea or fetish behind it. Before that I just had thoughts and feelings and really didn't quite understand them or their meanings. Those were there most of my life.

Q: Make tg quizzes. -and- Can you please make some TG quizzes like what girl you be turned into or who will transform you into a sexy girl? It gets more viewers and they are alot of fun!

A: Done. Go vote! lol Thanks for the ideas. I've been trying to think of a new quiz to post and those ideas are good. :)

Q: Not so much a question as a comment. I'd LOVE to see you try your at some possession captions as was requested by another reader. Possession captions are my favorite and I'd love to see your take on a guy being able to take over a girl's body! :)

A: Once again, I will see what I can do. :)

Q: If you could turn into any woman, who would it be and why?

A: Well if I could only choose one, I pick Mason Moore. As I've said before, to me she is just super sexy and is just almost has that perfect body in my mind. Her body is everything I could ever dream of having.

I don't think I'd keep her life though. Being a porn star sounds really fun and exciting but I'm far too much of a metalhead. I'd use her assets to build a music career. Sex sells and we all know it! :P lol

Q: If I could modify mine and other people's bodies at will it would be a dream come true. What about you?

A: I've had that fantasy for a long time now and yes it would be a dream come true. :)

Q: What's your favorite hobbies?

A: Writing (even though when asked I will most likely say I find writing to be a chore, I do write often), video games, singing along to songs, playing the guitar, and most recently getting a guitar collection together. :)

Q: Hey, Dragon Master Cecil here... I find creating generic captions to be not very interesting and photo inspiration is sometimes often hard to come by, do you also find your 'creativity' for lack of any better word short at times also, if not why?

A: Yes I do. That's why I don't have a continuous output of captions. Creativity comes and goes and I will also take a break if I feel what I'm writing is becoming generic or loosing quality.

Evie Hyde asks: Given that you're into music... If you got the chance to turn into a hot girl and become a slutty groupie... Which band would you follow around? Not necessarily the best music, but the one you'd have the most fun with...

A: That's actually a question I knew the answer to before you even had to ask. I had that fantasy pop into my head right after I met the band after a show. I saw them last month for the first time. Such a high energy band with good music. They love to party too! lol Young, future rock stars. The band being Lazarus A.D., a thrash metal band.

I went up to them after the show to meet them, got a few autographs and such. Typical stuff, but like I felt something inside of me, like an attraction to them. Maybe it was because they were a little buzzed and already starting to have some fun, maybe it was because the guitarist started hitting on the girl I was with... I don't know, but I just felt something. As I walked away all I could think about was if I was a girl right then and there, I would totally be staying there and partying it up with the band. It's all I would want to do. It would have been the best time of my life!

I'm also going to respond to a few comments on the last "Questions" post.

Dee asks: You get lots of questions every week, eh?

A: I guess so. I respond to everything I receive, even if it's a WTF? kinda thing. lol

Dee asks: Have you heard the latest Motorhead CD? I wasn't expecting too much, but I was pleasantly surprised. A few songs in the middle are weak, but overall not a bad addition to their musical catalog.

A: No I have not heard it yet. Good to know it's at least decent because I was hesitant about getting it.

To Slutty Hannah: I like the work you are doing, good stuff. :) I put a link to your blog in the links section here. Best of luck to you and your blog. :) And to everybody else, you should check out Slutty Hannah's work! :)

Lazarus A.D.

Mason Moore, what can I say, I like her <3