Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bouncy Bouncy

Thanks to Kevin, Mei, Sedra, Tina, Lucas, Mia, Mistress Simone, realfield, and josieannett for the comments. :)

josieannett: Thank you for sharing that story. I must confess I did write that last caption after a chat I had with Sedra about the very same subject. She gave me the inspiration from her own experiences. I can only hope and dream that one day I may experience the same feeling myself. :)


  1. Great cap, trampoline sex is a hell of a lot of fun.

  2. Mmnn lovely as always.

    Though now I want to find that spell and use it on the person being talked to in this cap, then grab Ms. Bouncy, and through her her sexy girlfriend AMber...

    -cue maniacal laughter and dives into the pile of delicious transformed, bouncy female bodies:P-


    -wolf-whistles at Isobelle-

  3. This was kinky fun. I wonder if you can buy the spell and a trampoline as part of some naughty combo ;P

  4. cute, but there's a hint of playful sexiness as well. The subtle temptation as well.

  5. Nice caption. Very bouncy as you said. one thing, I never understood wanting to wear that string suit myself. oh well

    I thought there might have been a mental change, but it turns out that it is just an acception spell. Nice little twist and break from the tg norm. ^^

  6. This cap made something go "boing" ;-)
    So cute and sexy.

  7. Trampoline sex sounds really hot... Hot girl!


  8. I thought this caption was particularly great. Really turned the cliches on their ears (though, heh, we all love the TG cliches, I think). I also love the picture greatly!