Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Please Help Me

I love this pic. :)

Thanks to Chris for the comment. :)


  1. I wonder if it was the soap that did it like in the last caption.

    I am sure she will have no problem getting some help that she needs. And I agree, the pic is awesome.

  2. Oh, this one is sooo hawt!

  3. sorry i can not really help you at alll because you see i want to become just like you i want to change and be all soft and round with breast and a pussy too i want to be a girl like you are now but i can still help you once i ma female also i will make love to you as a girl with a dildo we can become lesbian lovers instead i would love to have you as my girlfriend at last we can both be girls and make lovwe with each other but frist you must chnage me into a girl too please i want to be a girl!

  4. i so wish this happened to me...