Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back to School

Thanks to Kevin, realfield, and wannabecumslut for the comments. :)


  1. Awesome picture and outstanding story. This was really different in tone and dialogue. You rocked this one gal! *kiss*

  2. Hot little number. This was tasty!

  3. This captions is so hot, it is totally you! Trouble maker Isobelle!! I love how when you go back to school you meet me. Kinda almost accurate since you are a couple years older than me so it works!! lol!

    You should make more high school caps, maybe ones where something happens before you graduate? ;) It's funny how we both think about going back to high school as chicks, so awesome!! lol

    ps. Where were all the metal chicks in high school anyway?? This sorta stuff didn't start until I graduated?!

    pps. Oh and mis-communication, I meant like the me missing our communications... I hope that makes sense? I may have confused it more than I did before...


  4. Don't worry. I am sure you'll find that one special boy to take care of you in your second High School life. And if not, there are plenty of other boys who may not be special, but might give you a good fuck.

    I would have liked to see Teenage Isobelle as well.

  5. LOL I love it. If something like this happened to me I'd so become a stripper but nice caption over all.

  6. oooo, I really like this one. Not sure what it is exactly, but I love it :) Nice work.