Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This Life is Worth Living

I really like this one. I can totally see myself being like Nikki in this one. In fact I wish the same thing would happen to me. Life would be so much better that way...

Thanks to Tina and Kevin for the comments. You two know I love you both!


  1. This is something that I think many of us out here in the world would also love to happen. There might be subtle changes to the lover or lovers, but to wake up in a body that feels right and most importantly to feel and be loved is a nice thought. Very sweet and good caption.

  2. I agree with Alexia very sweet caption and you aren't alone alot of people would want this.

  3. Your work is amazing Isobelle. You are very talented. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hey very different story, I liked it, you're getting really good at this!!!

    Although I do hate to point out that the text your selected for the pink background was smashing up against each other a little bad, just a little constructive criticism.

    Could be just my eyes...

    Nice work!!

  5. That was very poetic. I mean it. It was such a good story with a deeper feeling to it.

  6. Oh to be nikki, wow, great cap