Monday, September 7, 2009

Spiritually Bound to One Another

This one is a bit romantic, but I was feeling it at the time :)

Thanks to Kevin and Melina for the comments.


  1. hot image as always. love the sentimental caption too.

    I am glad you read my post too. Thanks for the well wishes.

  2. I have a great desire to have this happen. Then maybe my love will be with me. Sweet caption.

  3. I've day dreamed about this happening to me a couple of times before, being the boyfriend and then being turned into a girl and be a hat little lesbian couple. Also thought that me and my girlfriend would be the best of friends and go shopping and go to clubs and stuff and just being girls.... Oh how I day dreamed that so many times.......

    <3 Nice one Izzy!!

  4. Katie sounds like someone I could fall for easy in similar and very dreamy circumstances.

  5. yes please i am so very willing to give it all up and right now to finally be a girl and then to ahve another girl be my girlfriend and to ml\ake love to me a two girls should i am also ready to be lesbian i just want to finally be female so that i can do this with other girls please it is what i ahve so always waanted to be a girl in love with another girl yes yes please hurry and make it so at last i want to be a girl!