Thursday, August 13, 2009

You Better Share

Ahhh, I just had to when I seen this picture. Oh and this is not the cap I promised you Tina. Consider this some what of an appetizer. Hehe.

Thanks to 1manview, Tina, Melina (hey that rhymes O_o), Kevin, and Vivian Muir for the comments on my last updates. Love you all as usual. <3


  1. I wonder if he'd like 3 sexy girls pleasuring him hehe great cap

  2. OMG Isobelle!! I love it!! That is exactly how Tina would look like!! You totally envisioned it all right!

    I would totally do that, tease you before and then just let you dive right in... Hee hee, hey what are friends for!


  3. Oh I almost forgot to include that I fucking love those stockings!! I love stripped stockings!!

    And that cock is decent, and my boobs are nice!


  4. I know Tina! That's why I just had to cap this pic with you. Its so fucking you!

  5. hey,love your caps, keep going!

  6. just checked my blog and realized you commented on mine,thanks