Thursday, May 7, 2009

Like Father Like Son

This one is far shorter that the last few I posted. Ehh, no particular reason why, it just came out that way. Thanks to Tammi for her lovely comment. I'd do that drug too, probably ending up overdosing like the cap, too. Hmm, you would almost think I wrote that one, haha. :P


  1. wish my dad worked at a place like that or at least could get me a job at a place like that!

  2. It`s so nice to see a family cum together, fantastic Isobelle!

  3. oh my god dad this feels so very right now i i am becoming a real girl at last thier is no going back now i'm i'm being fucked like a girl and and my pussy is becoming the real me i am getting breast and and i am becoming a girl at last yes son you are now going to be my daughter jsut let the nice boy finish and it will be complete you are going to be a girl yes yes dad it is happening i i am a girl at alst and it feels so very right being a girl!