Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ahh that would be the life. Thanks goes out to Sport, Michelle, and as always, Tammi, for your comments on my last caption. I think I may even do more crossdressing ones, I loved making that one. Well, until I get another one of those done, do enjoy this one.


  1. Now that`s a drug i`d love to try! Great concept Isobelle, and lovely image too! Very hot!

  2. no so sorry what you can do for me is to send me those pinlk pills i want them becasue i want to be a girl to but i ma smart enough to to overdose on them jsut take enough to make me a permanent t\girl to just like you are now i know what my limit's are i just want to turn into a permanent girl at last but one who will still pespect herel;leve once she is a complete girl!