Thursday, June 14, 2012

Formspring Questions XXIV

Q & A time again! I know its been awhile and these have been building up for some time. My apologies for not getting this posted sooner. :)

Q: Can you make me live as a girl?

A: Unfortunately no, I do not possess the magical skill. Not yet anyways lol.

Q: I want permanent makeup. Can you help?

A: Sorry, but no. I actually am not too fond of the idea for permanent makeup.

Q: Can we see some pictures of you?

A: At this time no. Sorry I just don't feel comfortable posting things like that right now. Maybe in the future though.

Q: Do you ever fantasize about being pregnant?

A: Yes, sometimes I do. It kinda saddens me that I will never get to experience it first hand.

Q: Would you rather have a butt like Kim Kardashian or a more slender athletic tone one?

A: I would prefer a butt like Kim's. I just find it to be much sexier. :)

Q: Do you tuck?

A: When I dress, yes.

Q: No question, just a comment... you're HOTT and I luv you!

A: Why thank you! <3 :)

Q: If you got a vagina, what would you call it? Pussy, vagina, etc...

A: I would call it a dream come true. :P

Q: Watching porn, most of us fantasize about being the girl. My question is, do you have a male pornstar that you are particularly attracted to in terms of, be it may; cock size, body, or sexual stamina? ;)

A: I do not have a particular male pornstar that I'm attracted too. However there are some things I'm attracted to in a male pornstar. I like a clean, shaven cock and balls; not a lot of body hair (preferably none); some body fat is fine, he does not have to be athletic fit, but I'm not really into bigger guys; I like when he has a beard of some kind; tattoos are always awesome; any kind of hair style besides a trendy or hipster one; usually the bigger the cock the better, but not abnormally huge. Yeah... something like that. :)

Q: Wow. These are absolutely amazing. I love reading them. Wish I could live them. If you could be put into any body on Earth who would it be? -Randy

A: Hey thanks! And I don't know, there are different things about every body that I love and things I could do without... But for sake of the question, Mason Moore. :)

Q: What's your idea of the ideal mate?

A: My ideal mate would just be someone who loves me for who I am and that I could totally get along with and never get tired of being around. Gender, sex, looks, and those sorts of things are really secondary. :)

Q: What is your favorite type of transformation?

A: TG, obviously lol. But within TG I would have to say magical transformations. I don't have like a preference on the type of magic, just magic in general.

Mason Moore: Yeah... I'd totally take her body!

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