Monday, February 13, 2012

Room Service


  1. I'm sure many of us will want to find this wonderful hotel. Thanks for sharing, hon.

  2. Love it, no whining from me (or her)

  3. Oh dear, that girl has just so much to learn. Either that or I'm just more of a lesbian than I already thought I was! ;)

    Great cap hun, nice to see you active again in the community!

  4. What an interesting and hot idea!
    I would just shiver at the thought of finding out what hotel does this.... I wouldn't care how expensive it was, I would just work up the money available to be able to have just one night of bliss...
    I bet if this was real, I would have a tough time convincing my gf of this type of service. Then again, I'll be shivering of the thought of the possibilities...

    Nice cap Izzy!!!!!

    <3!! Happy Valentine's day!! *kiss*

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    Happy (belated) Valentines to you too Tina! :)