Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Killing You

Yes I know it's been like forever since I posted any new captions. But I have some new ones, so expect to see updates regularly for the next few weeks. :)

Anyways here's the first new one. This one I made after my friend Sedra told me a story about something she did, so this ones for you Sedra. :)

Thanks to Kevin and realfield for the comments on my last caption so long ago. Also a big thanks to Mia for all the comments she left on all my old stuff. :)


  1. Love the cap, and welcome back.

  2. I was just talking earlier about how my fantasies, my desires in captions are changing. I always made captions where I was forced and there were tragic consequences. The truth is, I am a girl and I would be easily seduced or coerced into accepting my life. Then I read this, and know a little about your journey, how you parallel me in some ways, and I smile.

  3. yes oh yes i want this to at last be a girl and then to be made love to by men and or even other girls which i would really rather perfer but i want to be a girl at last and then to ahve a pussy and breast and all of the oh so necasary girl parts at last and why not girls have it so much better i and i want to be a girl please!

  4. This is so much of how I would love to have my transformation turn out; finding power within my femininity and perhaps using to lord over others. It seems so sexy and and sensual. She just looks and sounds like a true bitch. Absolutely wonderful.

    The Modern Goddess: TG Caption Shine of Indulgence

  5. Its killing me not enjoying that cock for real... another masterful cap