Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Wish Come True

If only all of our Christmas wishes came true like that one. I know I'd be much happier. :)


  1. Great caption, Isobelle! Yes, that would be a dream come true.


  2. You have to go get some tats to finish your form out Sweetie. *sigh* It is a lovely Christmas dream.

  3. She has shoes on? Didn't notice until you posted Tina. ;-)

    This would be one wish among many but it would be in the top 3. Thanks for the creative caption and she is gorgeous!

  4. yes this is jsut what i do so resire to to be in my real true form female at last to be free and far away and to be a girl at last this is what i really do want to be female and why not to be a rela girl to be finally free as a girl yes please let it happen to me as it is suppose to be i am a girl i really am!