Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All That Remains

Another simple concept, but it gets the point across. I know I'd be just like David/Gina there if that happened to me. :) Of course I love the model in the pic too. She's my avatar right now too :)
Thanks to 1manview for your comment on my "It was the Spell" cap.


  1. Goodbye David, Hellooooo Gina!

  2. Gotta agree. That would so be me if that happend.

  3. Hiya:

    Thanx so much for all the sexy fun. I LOVE it!!!


  4. Ha! If you really wanted to be in Gina's position you should've used your name instead and be that willing to be fucked!

  5. Tina - I was going to use my name in it, but I'm trying to add some variety to my caps in the names I use.

  6. Hee hee, I know.... Usually im too self centered when it come about being about me... I gotta be more creative with my caps too... My stuff sucks! lol

    Too much Tina not enough everyone else who wants to be girls or is forced too. ;)