Thursday, April 30, 2009


I absolutely love music. Much of my life revolves around it, so I thought it was only fitting to make a cap that involved music. Oh, Harlot is not a real band, duh, I just went with it cause it was on the girl's shirt in the pic. I really like the way this one turned out. When I start a cap, I have no idea how its going to end up or where its going to go. I just look at a pic and let my mind wander and explore. Pretty much what you read on all my caps is what first came to my mind. I try not to think to hard about writing them, that would take out all the fun. Here I go rambling again. Anyway, thanks to Leslie for the comment on my Fired cap, and thanks again to Tammi Heartilly for another encouraging comment, I really do appreciate all your wonderful feedback. And I think I will do more caps in that area, I really enjoyed creating that one. Also today marks one month since I started this blog. I've had a blast and appreciate all those who took the time to stop by and read my caps. I really learned alot about myself this past month. Doing these caps made me really look inside and see what's there, what I'm really about. I look forward to what else can come out of my twisted mind. I've already got The Dungeon, so who knows what else I can do. All I know is that I'm just going to keep making caps right now and continue to explore my vast mindscape.


  1. Mhmm with wonderful captions like these being the result, I look forward to seeing more of the depths of your mindscape Isobelle dear!

  2. Sorry, i just need to ask where you got that picture from, it looks so cool.